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Enjoy a pleasant experience in monitoring your vehicle

Not only does it offer precise vehicle positioning, but by using Navigo GPS products you can track your vehicle’s activities as well.

Realtime and precise location data. Makes it easier for us to know the current location of the vehicle

Archived historical data in our cloud server. Makes it easy to view the history of certain date data

MCut-off power alarm. Notification if the GPS power source is forcibly removed.

Over Speed Alarm. Notification if the vehicle exceeds the specified speed limit.

Calculation of working hours. Makes it easier especially for heavy equipment in calculating equipment rental.

Cut Off Engine. Can turn off the vehicle engine remotely just by SMS

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GPS Navigo is not only installed in private vehicles. However, many of our clients also use it in the rental business, travel, truck expeditions, to heavy equipment. Don’t be shy to contact us if you want to know more.

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

Real-time GPS data and easy-to-access historical data, really helps us in checking our transportation vehicles.

Mapan Tour & Travel

Jane Smith

Not only for location tracking purposes, we are greatly helped by the complete features provided by Navigo GPS.

Agus Hari


Satisfied with accurate data, friendly customer service and complete features of Navigo GPS.



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Our Support team will always be ready to help you if you have trouble with our tools

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Our reliable technicians will always assist you in installing a GPS Tracker on your vehicle

What are you waiting for, let’s equip your vehicle with Navigo GPS Tracker